EHWF Members Shoutbox
Michael Maddox: LOL bye Jul 24, 2018 22:45:36 GMT -5
Sah'ta Thor: Posted an important poll in the OOC area Jul 25, 2018 19:24:47 GMT -5 *
Sah'ta Thor: For those of you who didn't see it I posted a card for Mayhem in the main area of the Show section. I posted it there because I didn't have the permission needed to post in the card area. Jul 29, 2018 20:06:37 GMT -5
Sah'ta Thor: Anarchy guys who are still around contact me so I can get you worked into the shows Aug 6, 2018 21:28:47 GMT -5
jfs: Holy crap, Sah'ta Thor Aug 12, 2018 18:16:04 GMT -5
jfs: Dude I joined this cause I saw your name its Jordan Sharpe you were in my fed EWC and EWC East for a long time!! Do you remember me?? Aug 12, 2018 18:16:39 GMT -5
Sah'ta Thor: HOLY crap i ave seen you around in years Aug 13, 2018 1:31:41 GMT -5
Sah'ta Thor: Attention ALL! due to the current lack of RPs for the upcoming Mayhem show I am extending the deadline 24 hours (NEW Deadline is in 26 hours 39 minutes) Aug 13, 2018 19:51:29 GMT -5
Zoe McDraven: Oh sure. x.x So deadline is tomorrow night? Aug 13, 2018 21:07:50 GMT -5
Scorpion: Ahh so Rissi is no longer running this place? Aug 14, 2018 23:46:47 GMT -5
Sah'ta Thor: he took time off Scorpion and was just going to close it down while he was away but I stepped up to keep it going Aug 14, 2018 23:51:57 GMT -5
Black Man/Norman D Gates: I think its time for Scorp to return to run this place again! Aug 15, 2018 20:15:44 GMT -5
Scorpion: Lol I appreciate the thought, but doubtful that will happen. Have too much going on right now. Aug 16, 2018 0:49:33 GMT -5
Black Man/Norman D Gates: Lol trying to get the juices flowing for you again brother! Aug 16, 2018 8:23:41 GMT -5
Sah'ta Thor: Sorry just want to say I had some IRL stuff happen the last few days. I will get results up not that there is any mystery to them based on the turn out. I will figure it all out over the next couple of days. Aug 17, 2018 0:41:02 GMT -5
Black Man/Norman D Gates: I know your trying to do the admirable thing here Thor, but I would say just let the place go on hiatus until Rissi wants to come back... if he ever wants to. Aug 17, 2018 7:17:15 GMT -5
Lord Raab: Secretly, I did have plans to bring Lord Raab's twin brother here as he's so interested in capturing the Junior Heavyweight title. Aug 20, 2018 19:16:16 GMT -5
Savannah: Was planning on having Sav come back- for Thor, mind you, She thinks this place is dead but if he's going to fight... Aug 21, 2018 0:16:16 GMT -5
Zoe McDraven: *pours one out for EHWF* Sept 17, 2018 20:22:23 GMT -5
Black Man/Norman D Gates: One for the homies Sept 19, 2018 5:49:22 GMT -5

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